2017 Package Bee Order Form

Since 2006 we have been supplying area bee keepers with quality package bees. We appreciate your continued business with us.  This year we will only be offering 3# packages. Our package bees are a cross of Buckfast with Italian coming out of a certified and inspected major producer of package honey bees for many years.   As problems with bees continue to be an issue around the world, we work hard to provide you with the best possible bees available on the market. We assure you that when your bees arrive here that they are in good health.  We can NOT be responsible for what happens after they leave the shop.
Important Disclaimer - Delivery date will be held as close as possible. Due to weather or travel issues, you will be notified if a delay results. Orders must be paid in full at time of order, and are non-refundable. Bees MUST be picked up on the designated pick up day during our pick up schedule.  Package bees not picked up within 24 hours of pick up day will be forfeited with no refund.

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We will send you an email to verify that we have your email address correct. 

We have found that leaving messages DOES NOT work. It is VERY important to give us numbers good for all hours. We would like to communicate on our face book page as much as possible or by email. 

ORDER DEADLINE MARCH 1, 2017            Pick Up Date  May 5 -6  (tentative)

 ____3# Packages @ $145.00 CASH/CHECK $148.00 CREDIT/BEBIT  Total $ _________

                                                                  WI Sales Tax 5.5%             $ __________

                                                                               Order Total  $ ___________ 

Thank you for your business, we appreciate it!